Billing and Insurance

Medicare, health insurance, and workers compensation help people avoid unexpected large medical bills.  Unfortunately, the rules, regulations, and paperwork involved can be overwhelming to patients, and even to doctors and their staffs.  We'll do our best to answer your questions, but often you'll need to call your insurance company to get the information you need.

It typically takes several months to resolve all billing matters with insurance companies and we appreciate your patience.  We are pleased to be working with Medinet, 
a locally owned medical billing firm.  Medinet's billing specialist, Colin, is experienced with insurance matters.  Please call him at 888-277-6910 with any questions about your bill.  He'll be happy to address your concerns.  Sometimes an issue arises that can only be worked out between you and your insurance company, and he'll let you know if this is the case.

Billing questions? Please call Colin at 888-277-6910

John W. Dobson, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

Buckeye Bone & Joint Center

Common questions...

How can I help make sure my insurance pays on time?
The most common reason for payment delays or errors in billing is having the wrong insurance information.  Before your office visit, please double check to be sure you bring your most recent insurance cards.

I'm on Medicare. Isn't all Medicare the same?
Not anymore.  Now there are many different Medicare plans including traditional Medicare (red, white, & blue card), Aetna Medicare, Humana Medicare, AARP Medicare, and others.

I don't understand why I have to pay this copay, coinsurance, or deductible.
Your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. That contract specifies how much you have to pay for an office visit or procedure such as a surgery.  Dr. Dobson also has a contract with many companies that requires our office to honor the amounts set by your insurance.  When you receive a bill from our office, it reflects the amount you owe after your insurance has paid its contractual portion.